Pete asked-

>My engine is a 3.0 liter Corvair that dyno'd at 95 HP at 3100 RPM

>what other info do I need to supply to a prop manufacturer.

Give them the prop diameter and that will help the prop supplier zero in on the 
pitch based on the individual prop builder's blade design and recommendations.  
Prop diameter on KRs is fairly consistent given the required ground clearance 
and the airframe geometry that sets the thrust line, but there are variations 
between the original retract versions, the tri-gear, and the KRs with the 
longer main landing gear legs.

When you actually order a prop they will of course need to know that the 
Corvair turns the opposite of "normal" aircraft engines, and they'll also need 
to know about the counterbore through the hub for the safety shaft, drive lugs 
if your prop hub has them, and the bolt pattern.

Oscar Zuniga

Medford, OR
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