On 8/26/2018 4:10 PM, Mark Wegmet via KRnet wrote:
which set up (brand/type) would you use?


The one that Mark and others suggested, Aviation Products, Inc ,114 Bryant St., Ojai, CA 93023, ph/fax (805) 646-6042 is the way to go.  I started with the light weight 4", single fork unit attached to a section of spring found in the attic of a blacksmith shop.  I later had the fork extended and it now runs on a Matco 6" pneumatic wheel.  AWESOME !!! I also solved the problem of my tailwheel going flat. I'll share the solution if anyone needs.



I keep thinking a golf cart spring would be about right but have never had a need to check it out.  I cut a section of my spring and cold bent it in a big ass vise to the angle I wanted.  Worked for me.

Larry Flesner

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