Gathering attendees,

I made the trek to Mt.Vernon today to see the Light Sport Expo and to talk to Chris and Sean (restaurant) and finalize plans for the Gathering.  My primary concern was with Sean and the restaurant.

The restaurant hours are lunch, Monday thru Friday, closed weekends.  Sean will open Saturday evening to feed us before the awards program.  Here is the schedule on food:

No breakfast at the restaurant any morning.

Restaurant open for lunch Friday till 2:00PM

Closed Saturday.  Open at 5:30 for dinner and cleanup.

The only reason Sean is open Saturday evening is for the KR crowd. I will stop short of demanding that everyone eat there before the awards program but he is only doing this for us so lets show our appreciation and all eat there before the Awards program.  It will be his regular buffet with desserts and drinks.  Cost will be a flat $10 plus $1 or $2 for drinks, no tax and don't forget to tip the help.  In the past I included a tip for the help when I paid for the banquet.

Bottom line, no need to buy a banquet meal ticket this year.  Just show up and eat before the 7:00P.M. Awards program.  It all takes place in the terminal commons area.

In the past Donnie had coffee and some breakfast items for us.  With Sean having just lost his father a couple of weeks back and just trying to keep the restaurant open for the two events, this week and next,  I didn't feel it was right to press him for any more than we are getting now.  Express your appreciation if possible.

I spoke with Chris and he will find out at their Tuesday EAA meeting if they will have pizza for us (with a donation) for the Friday evening music event at 6:00P.M. and maybe a cookout for Saturday lunch.  I'll know by mid week.

Hat and shirt sales will be limited to the hours between 10:00 and 2:00PM this year so we don't have to ask someone to man the table for 6 or 7 hours a day.  If you didn't order a hat / shirt but want one, check to see if we have extras left for purchase.

I'll post any additional info as I get it.

Larry Flesner

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