On 9/7/2018 11:51 PM, Luis Claudio via KRnet wrote:
This will be my first gathering with the KR family. What is the procedure for 
those of us that will be driving.



The procedure is to show up and have fun and maybe learn a few things.  Here is the schedule for Friday and Saturday or go to www.krgathering.net for all the info.

Fly-In Activities & Schedule <http://www.bouyea.net/KRGathering/web_pages/kragenda.htm>

First arrivals, fly-bys, catching up with old friends

9:00 am– 10:00am
-Leland Widick/ Designated Pilot Examiner @ KMVN
Wings safety forum on fuel management

10:15am – 11:15am
Mark Langford/ KRNet/ Flying The KR2 & How To Keep The Pilot Cool When The Fan Quits

- Jeff Scott/ A&P/ Flying KR2S
Composite Fabrication
Pulling a complex mold from a part and
Fabricating parts from a mold (Vacuum Bag Layup process)

2:30pm – 3:30pm-
Tim Hoversten/ EAA/ currently building a KR1
How to buy a completed home-built or project

6:00pm - 7:30pm-
The Naas Brothers and Special Musical Guest
Classic 70's folk, light rock & original songs

If the weather cooperates, many pilots will fly; some can give rides.

Judging for all KR aircraft at the event.

-All Pilots Flying In/ Hangar Session
Brief Talk about their airplane with P.A.

1:00pm -2:00pm
Larry Flesner/ Flying KR2S
Weight & Balance Calculations

7:00pm - Awards Celebration: To be held in the commons area of the terminal
We usually have trophies for 6 categories including:

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