Maybe I should qualify the below paragraph.  When I'm flying hands-off,
and simply leaning my head or torso left and right to keep it flying
straight ahead, THAT'S when if I let it go too far it will keep on going
into either a left or right roll off.  It's not a strong tendency, but
it's the dominant behavior.  It's certainly not a problem when you're
flying it with the stick rather than your head alone, but this behavior
is probably the reason most folks say you can't really do a lot of map
work in the KR, and you have to fly it constantly.....because after 15
seconds of inattention, you'll find yourself going in a completely
different direction, and probably losing altitude in the process.  I was
reminded of this behavior on the trip to KMVN this week.  Another causal
factor that occurred to me is the baggage tray on N891JF is up high
(shoulder level), which raises the CG somewhat higher than N56ML's
baggage space on the floor of the plane.  This is also a factor on
nose-overs when heavy on the brakes, etc.  I may have to drop that
baggage space and cut out that 1/4" plywood seat-back and replace it
with composite after all....if for no other reason, to see how much
difference it really makes.  It might improve on the roll stability a
little bit as well.

Mark Langford
>  From some research I did a long time ago, I decided if I built another 
> plane I'd add about 50% more dihedral to improve the roll stability. 
> This is because although both my KRs are stable in pitch (it will 
> automatically recover from a nose-down attitude by bringing the nose 
> back up by iteself), any tiny upset from straight ahead and it will drop 
> off either left or right and continue into a dive (or maybe a 
> spiral....I never let it get very far).
> See and 
>   for a quick lesson.
> Mark Langford

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