I had the same issue that my engine would not start. When I installed it on my 
airplane.  It ran great at a Corvair College.  I had a big get-together with my 
 EAA chapter and Mark L and Larry F flew in for the event of my first engine 
run mounted on my KR..  My condenser is mounted on the shelf next to my coil 
and it was not grounded. Mark said that should be grounded.  Who would know.  I 
grounded the condenser and boom it started right up. I had five guys come over 
and together we did my initial weight and balance to figure out if we had to 
move the engine.  It came out perfect.  It's great that we can all get together 
pass ideas work through problems and come out at the end with a flying machine. 
Life is good. 
Paul Visk Belleville Il. 618-406-4705
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So after several weeks of frustration and not being able to figure out why
our corvair powered kr2 would not start I finally got it figured out! And
now the engine starts and seems to run just fine.

Apparently there are multiple things that can prevent an engine from
starting... But not grounding the distributor is a big one... I had checked
that the distributor was grounded statically but apparently without a
direct wire to ground the distributor it will lose significant strength
dynamically. Without that ground the engine will appear to have spark and
will think about running but will never actually start!

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