Opps - I forgot another important and easy option:

You can post the pictures and videos to the Facebook KR group. 



> On Oct 9, 2018, at 2:04 PM, svd <osprey...@yahoo.com> wrote:
>> I thought I knew, but now can't seem to do it.
>> Help?
>> Wayne
> There are lots of good photo uploading options out there - but Krnet isn’t 
> one of them. This is from the KRnet “rules”:
> 17) The best way to send photos to the list is to put them on a website 
> somewhere else and send the link to the list. If that's over your head or you 
> only have one or two, you can send them direct to the list, as long as the 
> total size doesn't not exceed approximately 200kB (a total of 250kB, but your 
> text and "encoding" will cost you some of that). That's likely only one or 
> two pictures. This means you will likely have to shrink it down to something 
> reasonable like 800x600, AND compress the image by about 50% using something 
> like IRFANVIEW, a free image processor available online. If it's oversize 
> you'll get a message that the moderator is considering it, but the same guy 
> that wrote this is the moderator, so you can guess what the answer is. If you 
> can't find an image processor and can't post it online and send a link, you 
> likely should not be building an airplane either. It's really not that tough. 
> I've posted a LOT of 70k images on the list and on my website that are quite 
> acceptable. Surely you can do it with three times that allotment. For those 
> who take photos with cell phones and want to post them, first send the photo 
> to yourself, compress it while sending, and THEN post the resulting image. 
> It's that easy.
> Options for "uploading pictures to the web” include: 
>   1) photo services like Flikr (which allows you to upload up to a terabyte 
> of pictures uncompressed free), 
>   2) online storage sites like Dropbox (which gives you something like 2 
> gigabytes free), 
>   3) your own websites - there are many easy and free basic website services:
>           wix, weekly, wordpress, squarespace, yola - and many more. Check 
> out my son’s site:
>                  https://hugheskr2s.yolasite.com 
> <https://hugheskr2s.yolasite.com/>
>   4) Free online user group sites like Yahoo Groups.  These are nice places 
> to collect files, articles, discussions, and photos. 
>         I made this one focused on KR Aircraft: 
>                  https://groups.yahoo.com/neo/groups/KRaircraft/info 
> <https://groups.yahoo.com/neo/groups/KRaircraft/info>
> Online services evolve quickly - so its a good idea to think about the 
> longevity of whatever picture hosting service you use.   Its a shame when 
> these things disappear.   While Yahoo is no one’s favorite, the Yahoo Groups 
> I watch have stayed intact (complete with pictures and files) since before 
> 2001. Google is also a good longevity bet.   

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