Hi Stef,

I did’t mean to be discouraging.  Best spin recovery practice is usually quite 
effective up until flat spin - and almost any airplane can get in an 
unrecoverable flat spin. The tendency of an airplane to enter a unrecoverable 
flat spin varies with design, rigging, and cg.  The relatively small tail and 
rudder of the KR, and the tendency of the design to be built tail heavy, puts 
it at greater risk.

However, while there is concern about the KR, especially when loaded towards 
the rear of the CG, I wouldn’t let it stop you from carefully expanding the 
flight envelope and enjoying the remarkable performance of the KR - especially 
any coordinated maneuver like rolls etc. 


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> Hi all,
> I did talked about light aerobatics. Barrel roll and hi turns. No spin or 
> cuban eight or that kind of stuff.
> But I have seen te responce, I think there is no written down approval,for 
> light aerobatics. So I will not put it in my POH.
> Thanks for all the responce.
> Stef

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