Another good reason to use aviation fuel.  

I did those repairs about eleven years ago - covering a pin hole or two
with JB - and it's still fine.  If it ever starts weeping or showing a
color change I'll do something else.  It's worked fine so far . . . but I
don't use car gas normally.  I've mixed some into the already existing
avgas from time to time and may even have filled the tank with pure
Chevron Supreme over the years once or twice.  The JB has held up well,
in my case.    

I wonder how in the heck my tank would have a pinhole leak in it in the
first place?  Aluminum doesn't rust through and get thinner and start
leaking, like a galvanized or other ignoble metal might do.  The inside
of the tank looks shiny-new.  Maybe from the aluminum bracers/stiffeners
that were welded on.   I had to do a HUGE amount of refurbishment and
improvements when I first got this plane from Steve . . . which was a
good thing.  In taking it all apart I got to know it well from the
beginning.  Ken had used shelf paper underneath the wing for color and
design.  Red white and blue.  SHELF PAPER!  From a man who had built a
masterpiece of a KR in all other respects.  Steve had just left it on -
out of sight, out of mind, so by the time I got the plane the stuff was
abraded badly from slipstream air over the years and had bonded very
tightly to the wing surface.  A LOT of careful elbow grease and alcohol
finally got it off and surprisingly, the surface of the wing looked brand
new once cleaned.  Ken did a coating of something clear over the epoxy
paint that really does a nice job of protecting it.  The paint itself was
Durathane.  I actually don't know if it's got a protective clear coat on
it or not but in any case, it still looks brand new all these years
later.  That's good paint!


We Say Goodbye To Kathie Lee Gifford

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