Ha ha ha.   Great stories and yes, an aluminum tank is very much the way to go. 
Sadly the project Im working on has fiberglass wing tanks and I’d like to get 
her done and flying.   Cutting out and replacing the wing tanks would be a 
massive time sink.

Im looking for tank sloshing recommendations (product, procedure, tips).  I 
know the RV folks had a serious issues with tank sloshing material pealing and 
clogging fuel intake.  

I am hoping there is better adhesion to fiberglass than aluminum, and perhaps a 
sealant product that won’t peal.    The tanks I want to seal haven’t had fuel 
in them yet, perhaps that will help.

There was mention of a sealant product a few months ago - I think during the 
mogass blues thread.  I thought it would be easy to find it in the archives, 
but I havent found it yet.

I can also imagine that no, there is no such thing as a sealant that won’t 
peel, that sealants are half assed and its just not the right thing to do.  

Any experience with tank sealants?  


Bill Hirsch Sealer:


I am guess I will and pour it in as I rock/rotate the wing - maybe even 
pressurize the tank to push the resin into any pin holes. 


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