Marc Baca wrote:

> Out of curiosity has anyone used "well nuts" to mount an instrument dash. I was taking apart the headlight assembly on my motorcycle and discovered that the assembly is held to the bike by well nuts. They are reminiscent of the rubber mounts on my Cessna's instrument dash to reduce the vibration on the instruments.

I haven't, but with the 6 cylinder Corvair, and even the 4 cylinder VW, I've noticed no instruments dancing around. Oh wait....I only have one instrument with a needle in N891JF (the VW), and it's the compass (which I never look at). Still, I don't notice any vibration at all from the engine while flying. But I take care to balance pistons and rods to make the engine as smooth as possible, as well as the prop (although the prop/spinner isn't usually a problem).

Mark Langford

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