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> Subject: KR> Anyone used "Well Nuts" for their dash ?
> Out of curiosity has anyone used "well nuts" to mount an instrument dash.  I 
> was taking apart the headlight assembly on my motorcycle and discovered that 
> the assembly is held to the bike by well nuts.   They are reminiscent of the 
> rubber mounts on my Cessna's instrument dash to reduce the vibration on the 
> instruments.   Below is a link.
> https://www.ebay.com/itm/Motor-10PCS-Windshield-Windscreen-Kit-Red-M5-5mm-Bolts-Rubber-Well-Nuts-Washers/332364856191?hash=item4d627d3b7f:g:P7YAAOSwHZdbLg6B
> Marc BacaKR-2 N13UGChino, CA 

I think the "well nuts" are a fine idea.  I used simple grommets out of my 
grommet kit to give my panel some cushion, but as Mark said, A well balanced 
engine kind of negates the vibration that tends to kill instruments.  The 
biggest issue in the past calling for the use of rubber mounting bushings in 
aircraft was to protect the jeweled bearings in the mechanical gyros.  Not many 
of us use mechanical gyros anymore.  Never-the-less, I like having a little 
cushion or movement available for the panel.  Maybe I'm just too old school to 
give it up.

-Jeff Scott
Arkansas Ozarks

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