Much too windy to fly today so I started my "annual inspection". I continue to be amazed at what little maintenance it takes to keep the KR flying.  I pulled the wheel covers off to check air pressure (an annual event) and one tire was down 2 1/2 pounds and the other 5 pounds.  Brake pads good and bearings repacked 30 hour ago.  Aired tires back to 26 pounds.  I haven't had to add fluid or fix a leak for 15 years now.  My tires show little wear with the toe-in / toe-out set to zero but right main is showing weather cracks in the tread after 6 years and 200+ flight hours (estimate 300+ landings).  I just ordered a set from Desser (retreads) as that's all I've been running now for 20+ years with not a hint of a problem.  Here is a photo of left main, right main shows a bit more wear.

I just did engine checks within the last month so I won't repeat.  Checked compression, adjusted mag timing, oil change and filter and air filter.  I did all that in finding and fixing the oil leak I've been tracking down for the last 50 hour or so.  It turned out to be a bad gasket under the left front cylinder push rod cover.

Another 3 or so hours of inspection / maintenance and it will be ready for another year.

Larry Flesner

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