Larry, and Mike, My original (short) KR-2 always needed forward stick
input above 155 mph indicated. My cockpit adjustable ,elevator trim
tab did not have enough authority above 155. It would however hold
altitude up to and including 155. Al Campbell told me he also had to
hold the nose down similarly.
John ShafferKr builder twiceFremont Ohio

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On 5/18/2020 5:18 PM, Mike Sylvester via KRnet wrote:
 > With no trim she is definitely dropping the nose...…


 Strictly a function of the "angle of incidence" of the horizontal 
 stabilizer. Mine is the same. I wonder if the original shorter KR2 
 with VW and maybe a slightly slower cruise is the same or if Ken just

 guessed wrong by one or one and a half degrees on the tail. I guess 
 better to error with nose down than nose up.

 Larry Flesner

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