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Larry, and Mike, My original (short) KR-2 always needed forward stick
input above 155 mph indicated. My cockpit adjustable ,elevator trim
tab did not have enough authority above 155.


Looks like the trim tab size was designed a bit small for fast KR's with the "angle of Incidence" of the horizontal stabilizer as called for in the plans.  The 2S and my KR at 24 inch stretch have more "arm" so more trim authority with the same size tab.  The 2S also has more elevator as I recall.  Mine is standard size.  If I recall correctly, this photo is the trim tab setting I need for level flight at about 150 mph indicated, standard tail surfaces, 24 inch longer fuselage and the c.g. was probably very close to middle of range as it is on most flights with me solo and about half fuel.


No way to get horizontal set correctly for all phases of flight without it being adjustable as in early Pipers.  Ideal setup would be no pitch trim needed for cruise and usual C.G. location and adjustable tab for all other speeds.  Trouble is the C.G. is constantly changing during flight, primarily to fuel burn.

Guess it as close as you can on building (follow plans?) and hope you have enough adjustable tab for all flight modes.

Larry Flesner

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