I can’t speak for the entire route, however looking at it on Skyvector, I would 
HIGHLY recommend stopping at KMEI in Meridian Mississippi (~450 NM from 
Orlando) as your first stop.  They have very reasonable fuel prices and amazing 
food inside their FBO.  Fresh hot dogs, fruit, pizza (if you get there on a 
Friday), a coffee grinder, ice cold lemonade, and a soft serve ice cream 
machine are just a few treats you can enjoy there.  Also did I mention, it’s 
all free?  In addition, you’ll probably see some Navy T-45C’s flying around the 
area and they very well might land there as well.  They’re mostly student 
pilots, and when not briefing/debriefing, are generally fairly chatty and eager 
to talk about their experiences flying the T-45C. 

I used to live in Meridian for almost three years, and KMEI is about as good as 
they come in terms of general aviation pitstops.  It’s giving me nostalgia just 
typing this out.

If you’re looking to stay a little closer to the water and have a little nicer 
view (at least while you’re down south), you could always hug the coast and 
make Stennis (KHSA, just west of Gulfport MS) your first stop.  Unless 
something has changed, when you land at Stennis and buy fuel from them, you can 
eat at their café’ for something stupidly cheap (I’m talking a fresh shrimp 
sandwich, sweet potato fries, and a drink for something in the realm of $5).  
If you’re lucky, you might see some military aircraft down there as well.  

Regardless of whatever route you take, have a great trip and fly safe!  If you 
find yourself in WA for whatever reason, hit me up and I’ll try to come and 
meet you!


Sam Spanovich
74S, Anacortes WA

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