As some of you probably know by now, I love geeking out and researching many 
things KR related (although sometimes I feel I can’t make “actual” repairs and 
modifications to save my life). 

That said, this topic is very interesting to me, and I will certainly do my 
part and research what I can to see what kind of performance the KR2S could 
(theoretically) achieve with an all-electric powerplant.  

This next week at work will be relatively low-key, and N6399U is down for the 
time being due to alternator issues and also me awaiting a new exhaust from 
Revmaster.  That gives me an excuse to take what free time I have this week, 
and look into this all electric setup.

I haven’t written an Engineering-type Technical Report since college, but I’ll 
try to put something together this upcoming week (hopefully having it finished 
by next weekend, or the following), discussing a possible drivetrain setup, and 
also the theoretical performance the plane could achieve.

For those that are curious, and want a copy of the report, send me your email, 
and I will get it to you when I’m finished.  Due to the shear size of the 
document, and the need for pictures/charts, I will probably not post it 
directly to the Net.  

I will always love our beloved petrol engines as the soul powerplants for this 
aircraft, however there is something about the thought of an all-electric KR 
that I find particularly appealing.  After upgrading the engine in N6399U, my 
plane now has just about everything I could ask for in terms of performance.  
Because of that I have shy’d away from the idea of ever building my own one 
day, and just sticking with what I’ve got.  However, after thinking about this 
all-electric concept, it’s made me reconsider building one day, and ultimately 
making this concept become a reality. 

What’s even more exciting, to me anyways, is this could ultimately turn into a 
group effort (similar to how the AS504X airfoil was when it was in development) 
and maybe one day, we could proudly present the world’s first “Next 
Generation”, All-Electric KR2S.   


Sam Spanovich
74S, Anacortes WA
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