Luis Claudio wrote:

> I would like to see if anyone has a copy of the instrument panel in electronic form that I >can send to a shop to fabricate.

There's an AutoCAD file of mine at (been there for 15 years). A more direct link is Note that it is designed to sit on the longerons at the point marked "7.01" down from the top, with the bottom folded back to provide a shelf for things like terminal blocks, relays, refuel timer, diodes, etc. Preferably, the bottom should have a bit of a radius on it (done in a press brake). These holes are standard aircraft size, except for the fuel and mixture gauges, which are automotive dimensions (all with a few thousandths clearance).

It goes without saying that the CAD file isn't the image's the file the image was made from. Somebody complained to me a while back that the new airfoil templates were awfully jagged once blown up to 48" chord, and it took me a while to figure out that they'd used the image rather than the CAD files!

Mark Langford

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