On 8/3/2021 10:31 AM, Mark Langford wrote:
If power level  of the O-320 is similar to the Corvair (110hp - 120 hp), the extra boost is quite impressive, and the fuel burn was substantially less than an O-200!


The 0-320 is capable of 150 to 160 HP and in my view is flat overkill for the KR air frame, no matter what mods you make to the airplane.  The weight is high and the fuel burn is high for what little extra performance you get on the top end.  Take off and climb may be rocket ship performance but you'll burn an extra 2 to 3 GPH fuel.  If you have that much HP available go with a bigger, roomier cockpit / baggage / fuel capability air frame like the Glassair, etc.

With the limitations of the KR air frame, even the 2S and enlarged 2S , 120 or so HP is all you need to get the performance the air frame is capable of and still have a fast, low fuel burn cross country flying machine.  With anything more than the 0-200, Corvair, 0-235 or 0-290, you'll start fighting the law of diminishing returns.  The 2S versions like Roger Baalman, Mike Sylvester, Chris Pryce, and others outside the USA are building have, in my view, maxed out the KR design.

20 years ago a "HIGHLY MODIFIED" KR showed up at Red Bluff, Iowa Gathering with an 0-360 as I recall.  Totally re-engineered air frame, much heavier, and yet the performance increase did not reflect the HP installed.



More photos at http://www.krnet.org/redoak2002/  which is the site with Red Oak photos.

That's my trusty old Tripacer in the background  ( http://www.krnet.org/redoak2002/02092090.jpg )  that many air to air shots were taken out the hole that the rear door normally covers.  Photos by Mark Langford.  I installed a second set of belts for that seat so I was more comfortable up front.

I can't comprehend what Ken Rand would think of the KR's flying now-days based on his 480 pound empty KR with the funny little retractable gear and a bug motor up front.  Also, for the 50th anniversary of the KR, I think Lance Neiberg might have some input as the KR was his first build and that, in my opinion, spawned the entire Lanceair line.

Larry Flesner

Carterville, Illinois

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