I have lost interest in my KR.  I decided in 2016 that is I wasn't flying the 
KR comfortably by June that year I was going to purchase a plane I can fly!  I 
bought a 1946 Aeronca "fun flyer", not much to look at but a solid plane. I 
don't get anywhere fast but I do get anywhere! and I'm loving it.  my brother 
is the test pilot for the KR and is in Florida half of the year.  By the time 
he gets caught up on chores here in Oregon/Washington and I take time from OPA. 
EAA and RAF activities we usually only have a week or two to devote to the KR 
and that is not enough.  The plane was signed off in 2013 and is still in phase 
1.  It is pretty much a stock KR2 with a forward tilting canopy (RV12 doner), 
modified cheetah gear legs, and an 1835 VW (HAPI/Great Plains hybrid).  The 
plane is at Lenhardt's (7S9) in Oregon.  If you are interested contact me off 
net and I'll send pictures.  It will be a great little plane for someone 
patient enough to work out the bugs.  I don't have a price in mind
  but I won't give it away so make an offer.

Pete Gauthier
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