Ok, it's time to send an update. The KR GATHERING is returning to Lee's
Summit, MO in 15 days!
A big welcome to David, Keith, Troy & Mike, the latest to sign up for the
event. The full list of attendees is here;
All the details for the event are listed on the web site:
I do not know about current Missouri regulations regarding vaccination
requirements and turn that question over to the event host, Rob Schmitt.
If you've already registered, Thank you and we're looking forward to getting
together again!
If you haven't registered yet, and are thinking about it, please sign up as
soon as possible. The cutoff for ProShop Apparel is Sept. 1.
John Bouyea
KR-2S/ OR81/ Hillsboro, OR
2015 - 2021 KRGathering.net Web Guy

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Can anyone welcomed to attend the KR ...
Also, is vaccinations required for this event?
Dr. Hsu
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