On 9/7/2021 12:59 AM, Michael wrote:
What about drilling out the holes and fitting Rivet Nuts with a custom
gasket/seal between the mount plate and sender.


I considered rivet nuts, bought the tool and tested on scrap material.  They do no compress tight enough in 1/8" aluminum that I trust them not to turn when installing the bolts or removing the bolts at some point in the future.  The 1/8" mounting plant is threaded and no nuts or fasteners on the inside and no access to the inside of the tank.  1/8" aluminum plate has maybe two or three rows of threads at most of soft material and they just stripped out on one hole last year.  The heli-coil threads are little improvement.  With no access to the inside of the tank except the small probe hole in the center there is no way to fasten nuts on the inside or I'd install blind nuts.

Here is another "childish" drawing of what my plan is at the moment.  It will require a bit of machining but I consider it a permanent fix.


For now, a couple of days of light duty, part time work and then it is off to the Gathering.

Larry Flesner
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