On 5/26/2023 12:31 PM, Sid Wood wrote:
Widening the cabin for a KR-2S not only gets you more shoulder room, but gets you much less knocking your headset on the canopy.
Been there, done that,
Sid Wood


Head room on a KR is whatever you make it to be.  I raised my canopy by several inches using foam / glass on the top longerons, making my windshield bow and turtledeck bow and shaping to fit my height.  7" or thereabout vertical before the radius to the top worked for me at 6'4" and the seat I installed.  I had the seat installed and took a measurement for head height above seat back before building the windshield / gullwing door / turtledeck.

I later added 2" of foam on the seat and still had plenty of headroom.

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