Toni, thanks for answering so quickly!  Gee, wow!

Uh, i'm not very familiar with version numbers.  Are you saying that there 
is a newer version out there?  On PCLinuxOS, the devs keep the OS 
up-to-date and then send it to Synaptic and i donĀ“t see another version 
yet.  Perhaps i should request it...??  i kinda hate to bother them since 
our motto is:  It'll be ready
when it's ready."  - lol.

Have a great afternoon!  :)

On Wednesday, October 12, 2016 at 10:56:52 PM UTC-7, Frederick Frazelle 
> Am running PCLinuxOS and KDE 5 Plasma with the following version of 
> Krusader 
> Version 15.08-beta "Clear Skies"
> Using:
>    - KDE Frameworks 5.27.0
>    - Qt 5.6.1 (built against 5.6.1)
>    - The xcb windowing system
> i'm having a problem setting the dates between with Krusader should search 
> in the Tools, Syncrhronize Folders, Advanced tab. i get a popup window 
> which states: "Invalid Date entered" When i hit the Details button, no 
> details are provided.
> Have a great evening! :)

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