> > [...]
> > Uh, i'm not very familiar with version numbers.  Are you saying that
> > there is a newer version out there?  
> > [...]
> > Version 15.08-beta "Clear Skies"
> > [...]

That version is not an official Krusader version, nor the latest git version 
:-( . Probably it's an old development version.

> > On PCLinuxOS, the devs keep the OS
> > up-to-date and then send it to Synaptic and i donĀ“t see another version
> > yet.  

In www.krusader.org we can see that still there isn't a new official version 
of Krusader.

> > Perhaps i should request it...??  i kinda hate to bother them
> > since our motto is:  It'll be ready
> > when it's ready."  - lol.

Probably it will be better to wait for a new official Krusader version. Also 
people can try compiling the latest git version of Krusader: in 
https://quickgit.kde.org/?p=krusader.git&a=tree there's a file named "INSTALL" 
that explains it.


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