> I would create a container that polls or listens to git webhooks and 
> updates the gitRepo volume. Then it would roll the application deployment 
> once the volume was updated.

Interesting. The pictures are already checked out from git during the 
jenkins build (same repo as my app). I'd prefer not relying on git 
somewhere else in the cluster.

> There isn't an off the shelf chunk of code that will do this for you 
> unfortunately. You would need to string it together with some poll/webhook 
> code and the Kubernetes client or API.

Right. For now, I'll try to make it simple :
 * one replica for my app pod
 * one google persistent volume for the pictures, mounted in the app pod
 * after each roll out, I'll manually run a command in the app container to 
perform the copy (from app/fixtures/*.jpg to /my-volume/pictures)

Later, I'm wondering if something more sophisticated (but 
resilient/efficient) can be possible : 
 * possibly several replicas of my app pod
 * a flocker-based volume mount
 * a jenkins job, lauchable on demand to command the copy

How does that sound ?



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