Here's what I'm trying to set up :
 * An app which handle files, let's say profile pictures. A volume mount is 
 * A single staging environment. The app is not yet in production.
 * A CD pipeline with Jenkins, to automatically  apply updated k8s 
configuration (with new docker image verions of the app).
 * A way to copy some profile pictures versionned with git on the volume 
mount. Those pictures are copied in the app image (Dockerfile) during the 
CD step.

The goal is to reset (or reload) the mount with the versionned pictures in 
git, everytime a commit is done on the staging branch.

My question is about the last point :
 * how can I trigger the copy ?
 * should I use a job ?
 * should I use a multiple read-write consumer volume type (e.g flocker) ?

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