I have a service that points to 2 independent pods running separate scrape jobs 
against the same targets.  So their data will be similar but different.  They 
run independently for redundancy reasons.  Right now a service points to both 
and exposes the stats. The only problem is that people will see different 
results based on which pod they end up landing on.  In the traditional 
datacenter setup, I'd set the load balancer with one pod to have a weight of 
100 so it gets all of the traffic, and the only time the second server would 
get traffic would be hit is if the initial target ended up becoming 
unavailable.  This would be ideal for my situation, so is there a way to 
implement that with k8s?  The front end system can only point to one target, 
which is why I'd like the service (or whatever construction does what I 
described) to do this.  I guess I can add a routing layer with servers to do 
this, but I was hoping for a native option if such a thing exists.  

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