I am proposing to create SIG-GCP. It would fill a similar role as SIG-AWS
and SIG-Azure, but for GCP. Here are the details:

Proposed mission statement:

A Special Interest Group for building, deploying, maintaining, supporting,
and using Kubernetes on the Google Cloud Platform.

Secondary statement:

The SIG will be responsible for designing, discussing, and maintaining the
GCP cloud provider and its relevant tests. The SIG will also be responsible
for any roadmap and release requirements for Kubernetes on GCP.


For implementation, I will be the initial point of contact and will at a
minimum ensure scheduling, documentation, transparency, and facilitation
are consistent with Kubernetes community SIG standards. We may add
additional leaders from within or outside of Google later.

The SIG will meet monthly and the meetings will be announced through the
standard channels.


 - Adam
(eng manager on the Kubernetes/GKE team at Google)

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