Hi, I noticed the posts about the papercuts currently in Kubuntu, and while
I don't know if this is the appropriate place for me to share, I would like
to add.

1) KTorrent doesn't handle magnet links by default.

2) Add redshift applet (https://github.com/KDE/plasma-redshift-control) and
redshift to the default install, but not enabled, for those still on Xorg.

3) add the virtual keyboard to sddm as well, currently it is only in

4) launching audio volume settings from the applet results in rendering
errors and thus useless.
This should probably be fixed.

5) update the plymouth animation to match the updated Kubuntu logo on the
website, the current one
looks old and out of place

6) Rexamine default applications & their desktop entries. xterm was dropped
by Ubuntu (
so I don't feel like they need to be included in Kubuntu. Kmail and
KAddressBook both make many specialized desktop entries, and thus add cruft
to finding / searching your installed applications.

Pranav Sharma
Gmail Address <pranav.sharma....@gmail.com>
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