Anthony Liguori wrote:
> Avi Kivity wrote:
>> Anthony Liguori wrote:
>>> This patch changes virtio devices to be multi-function devices whenever
>>> possible.  This increases the number of virtio devices we can 
>>> support now by
>>> a factor of 8.
>>> With this patch, I've been able to launch a guest with either 220 
>>> disks or 220
>>> network adapters.
>> Does this play well with hotplug?  Perhaps we need to allocate a new 
>> device on hotplug.
> Probably not.  I imagine you can only hotplug devices, not individual 
> functions?

It sounds reasonable to expect so.  ACPI has objects for devices, not 
functions (IIRC).

Maybe require explicit device/function assignment on the command line?  
It will be managed anyway.

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