* Anthony Liguori ([EMAIL PROTECTED]) wrote:
> Logically speaking, virtio is a bus.  virtio supports all of the features 
> of a bus (discover, hot add, hot remove).
> Right now, we map virtio devices directly onto the PCI bus.
> The problem we're trying to address is limitations of the PCI bus.  We have 
> a couple options:

First question is if we have a real limitation with multiple busses?

> 1) add a virtio device that supports multiple disks.  we need to reinvent 
> hotplug within this device.
> 2) add a new PCI virtio transport that supports multiple virtio-blk devices 
> within a single PCI slot
> 3) add a generic PCI virtio transport that supports multiple virtio devices 
> within a single PCI slot

compare and contrast above with HBA and disks (makes most sense from my
point of view).  for 2 and 3, only difference is whether you want to be
able to support nics, balloons, and block devices on same pci slot (at
which point it's a bridge, how is it different from 4?)

> 4) add a generic virtio "bridge" that supports multiple virtio devices 
> within a single virtio device.
> #4 may seem strange, but it's no different from a PCI-to-PCI bridge.
> I like #4 the most, but #2 is probably the most practical.

Also, your current patch does not work for hotplug disk.


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