Brian Jackson wrote:
On Friday 24 April 2009 09:35:52 Gerd v. Egidy wrote:
Hi Bernhard,

On Friday 24 April 2009 14:56:15 Bernhard Held wrote:
does not boot, BIOS complains "Boot failed: could not read the boot

-drive file=/dev/VolGroup00/testpart,if=virtio,index=0 \
Please try with:
-drive file=/dev/VolGroup00/testpart,if=virtio,index=0,boot=on \
That's it! With boot=on it works.

Thanks for pointing this out.

Was this change intentional? I didn't see it mentioned in the changelog and
could not even find the "boot"-parameter in the qemu-kvm manpage.

The boot=on parameter has been required since virtio_blk existed (or very close to it). There is no official qemu/kvm manpage. That's something some distros pulled out of thin air. So bugs with it should be reported to your distro.

Sure there is.  It's generated from qemu-doc.texi.


Anthony Liguori

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