G wrote:
> Hello again,
> I've continued my attempts to get the HASP dongle working, but with no 
> success:
> Downloaded kvm-72.tar.gz through kvm-87.tar.gz to find out when the
> problem first appear, as kvm-72 is working. Unfortunately, kvm-72
> through kvm-82 fails to compile on my Debian system with kernel 2.6.30
> and gcc 4.3, and kvm-83 crashes in the same way that kvm-87 crashes.
> I have also tested two other USB devices: a C-Pen (www.cpen.com) and a
> GEM card reader, both successfully. So it seems it is the HASP
> dongle/driver combo which is doing something naughty that makes KVM
> versions newer than kvm-72 crash...
> Anyone got any ideas what I might try out to find the cause for the
> crashes?

You might try uncommenting "//#define DEBUG" at the top of usb-linux.c
to get some more verbose output from qemu.

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