Dear Agnes,
Your lace is beautiful.
Thank you for mentioning Christine Springett, whom I've admired for nearly  
40 years.  I fall back on her books and videos when someone is interested  
in learning to make lace.  The combination of her assistance in getting  
started on the videos, and the books telling in words what to do  and showing 
photos of completed lace, working diagrams and prickings  have been 
invaluable for this purpose.
In lace friendship, Jeri
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Hi all.  
Thanks for all the nice comments on fiknishing the Wisteris edging.
In  reply to several people: the pattern is by Christine Springett.
She has a  website with the pattern/pricking on it if anyone is interested.
Although  it took me 2+ years, mainly because I do not have a lot of time to
make  lace, though I hope to get more time now I am not working as  much
Agnes Boddington - Elloughton  UK

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