The recent release of iOS 10 (September 2016) causes Lace for iPad to crash on 
launch. The iPhone version is not affected. 

Unfortunately there is no quick fix for this and Lace for iPad will have to be 
restructured and rebuilt from scratch. We sincerely apologize for this 
inconvenience and will do all we can to expedite the release of a new version, 
but regret that it is likely to take several months. In the interim, we can 
offer a copy of the iPhone app to anyone who has purchased the iPad app. This 
can be mounted on the iPad under iOS 10, although it does not take advantage of 
the full area of the iPad.

If you have already purchased Lace for iPad it will work fine up to iOS 9 - 
it’s just the latest update to iOS 10 that is the problem.

Jean and David in damp Glasgow

Jean Leader

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