I wondered about everyone but I was busy myself.  So far this month I've 
attended two regular lace meetings and our annual Lace Day, taught a short 
bobbin lace class in Tillamook, and am trying to get my things ready for a 
3-day Bucks class starting tomorrow.  The teacher threw in an extra chore of 
drawing a diagram of the pattern I'm using in the class.  (There's no diagram 
or picture with this particular pattern.)

In addition, I've put away all the patio furniture and garden decorative items 
before the strong winter storm that's hitting later today.  And I'm chairman of 
a sale at church in another week.  I've been finishing my projects for that 

I've never drawn a Bucks diagram before -- only Torchon.  It's been a 
challenge.  There must be some basic rules/methods that I'm not aware of. I 
enlarged the pattern 250 percent and have been making a lot of use of my 
eraser.  I can see why some diagrams are 500+ percent larger than the actual 

Now I need to run some errands while it's raining gently before the main storm 
comes in.  Rain is forecast for the foreseen future with an even stronger storm 
(remains of a typhoon) hitting Saturday.  Lovely weather to drive 30 miles each 
way each day to the lace class.  I'm really glad Lace Day was last week when we 
had a nice day.

Alice in Oregon

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