Malvary Cole mentioned that many lacemakers in the US were attending the
Finger Lakes Lace Guild's lace weekend.  That includes me, and I wanted to
report that it was GREAT!  As is usual, I spent too much money--two books,
and lots of linen and silk thread to make a scarf. All the classes were
very good, per the reports I heard. I'm sure others can chime in about the
ones they took, but I did a Bucks Point hexagon demonstrating an invisible
start/finish, developed and taught by Holly Van Sciver. It really is
invisible! The techniques that she has come up with take each pair in the
ground that was just sewn in and work it through the next row of ground, so
it looks like everything else because it is. There is a cool trick for
anchoring a pair from the outside of a region of cloth stitch into the
cloth stitch. And pairs from the headside make the last picots, get
sewn into the figured part, and then go out to be anchored in the headside
passives. Overall, the results are amazing.

In short, the weekend was great fun. But then, get that many lacemakers
together and it's sure to be a blast!

Nancy Neff
Connecticut, USA

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