I think as others have said we are all busy - I'm currently away from home, at
the preserved railway in Porthmadog where I'm a volunteer shedmaster, because
I've organised a lacemaking weekend here to raise funds (ie tomorrow and
Sunday) for the railway.  I've not had the chance to make much lace recently,
other than on the Fridays when I take my turn to demonstrate at The Hollies
(The Lace Guild HQ), partly due to dealing with the amount of paperwork that
goes into being the wife of an independent newspaper roundsman (no-one sees
the hours we work in addition to driving round delivering their daily papers!)
and partly being out of action for two months over the summer with cellulitis
in my left leg - which is now improving, slowly, and I'm beginning to get back
to my normal activities.

I wish I could get over to Porthmadog more frequently; it looks as if there
could be the beginnings of interest for a young lacemaker group in and around
Criccieth, if there is anyone local to the area who could help. The local
group's teacher moved away, so they have understandably become a closed unit,
and although we can raise awareness with lace events at the railway, there
isn't a class here that we can recommend for follow-up.

Tomorrow I'll be starting on a new bookmark design, guess who came away with
everything, including pattern, thread, pricking card, pricking board, etc..
except her pricker - I managed to buy a four needle Pergamano tool in the town
today, which will make pricking at Honiton spacing a doddle but will require
patience and concentration to prick one hole at a time for a 2mm spaced Bucks

Jane Partridge

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Is the list very quit or have I somehow removed myself from it by mistake?

The last message I had was on 8th October.

Janis in South Africa

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