I too have been busy clearing my pillows for a week's course of Cantu next
week, after going to Le Puy for their annual couvige.You can see some
photos here: https://goo.gl/photos/sAaZnvYsF8nEE96x6

Both Marie-Thérèse Bonniol and Denise Etienne wer there with their
salt-crystal lace; Denise's seemed to me less brilliant than when I first
saw it eight years ago; she says the problem is the dust.  Marie-Thérèse
Bonniol had two pieces I haven't seen before, but hers are under glass.  I
asked if they altered with time; she said that the originals, done in 2001
hadn't budged at all, the only time she had some trouble was when she took
them to an exhibition in the north of France, they weren't framed, and the
weather was wet (as it often is in the north of France).  She had to remove
them to a drier place before the salt dissolved..; Apparently she hasn't
done any "salty' lace for several years.

Missed Florence Quinette - but I see she was in Australia!  Lots of lovely
lace to see, and although there seem to be fewer and fewer vendors - I miss
Bart and Francis who have some beautiful unusual threads - there was plenty
to tempt.  Why is it that however many different sizes, colours types of
thread you have, you never have the right one for the next thing you want
to make?

Sue, from a windy, rainy Montelimar (the sun should be back tomorro)

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