I have heard of it Kim,

I am currently trialing a new therapy/drug regime, it seems to be helping. Only 
problem is the side effects.

I have found that doing bobbin lace is very therapeutic. The movements repeat 
themselves, which is wonderful for OCD.

On 16-Oct-16 10:43 AM, Kim Davis wrote:

     I am so glad you are able to reach out!  This is a fun hobby, regardless 
of whether or not you find it an art or a craft!

     Have you heard of EMDR therapy before?  it is an interesting thing, and I 
was once reading an article about how things such as bobbin lace can mimic it.  
I can
not recall where I read it, or I would share that with you.  If it comes to me 
I will be sure to post.  In any case, the idea is that because you are working 
with both your left and right hands, it engages both sides of the brain and is 
helpful in getting the emotional side to talk to the logical side.  Thankfully 
the anxiety I have experienced in my life has been mild, but I will say that I 
noticed long ago that both bobbin lace and braiding have a very meditative 
quality for me.  I think the symmetrical work is very soothing.

Have fun with your lace!



The way I see it, if you want the rainbow, you gotta put up with the rain.
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