Thank you to everyone who put my mind at rest re the quiet time on the list. I
am so jealous of all the conventions and other lace-ins in USA, Australia and
UK. It must be wonderful to have all these top-notch teachers to choose from
and to keep up-to-date with everthing in the lace world. That is why I need my
daily arachne lace fix, and get worried if it is not there for a few days.

I have also been very busy for this past week or two. It was our bi-annual
exhibition in Johannesburg, combined with the Embroiderers Guild. Apart from
being chair of the Witwatersrand Lace Guild and editor of the quarterly
newsletter and webmaster and Facebook admin, I also run The Lace Place for all
their supplies, so I was involved everywhere.

Now that it is over I am looking forward to the holiday season when I hope to
get some peaceful lacemaking time in.

The exhibition was a great success over 2 days and the reporter from the local
newspaper came to take pics and interview the organisers, so we hope to be in
next week's edition.  When I get some pictures back from our photographer I
will put them on our website and tell you where to find them.

Lace greetings from

Janis in South Africa

where we have just had a couple of showers of rain. The first in about 3
months and hope it will break the drought.

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