Hello All!  What a great time!  I enjoyed Allie's Idrija class & finished my 
tri-color sea star.  I made plenty of mistakes but I'm still very pleased with 
the results.  There were more than a few challenges working open method on a 
bolster & controlling the color thru all the sewings!  This narrow tape style 
was influenced by the Italians so there are a few similarities with Cantu.  
Overall, FLLG does a great job--especially selecting interesting classes.  When 
you have difficulty winnowing down the list to a first, second & third choice, 
you know you're in trouble!  This year, I took some time on Friday afternoon to 
visit the Cornell University Mann library where the lace books reside.  They 
have a nice collection of lace publications & it's worth making time to visit.  
Their online catalog makes it easy to create your "must see" list ahead of 
time.  I was able to research some back issues of Lace magazine (Lace Guild UK) 
& browse in the stacks.  Other lace books in their !
 special collection require advance notice & their online staff provides 
generous help. For those of us who missed IOLI this year, Ithaca was also an 
opportunity to reconnect with long-time lace friends, make new ones & put faces 
with names from Arachne.  Looking forward to Ithaca 2017!  Sincerely, Susan 
Hottle USA          

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