I was a brief visitor at Ithaca Lace Days last weekend and gave in to the
temptation to buy a bolster pillow and the wooden cradle to hold
it.  Saturday I attended a local fabric flea market to see what I could
find to make a carrier for it.  I bought an upholstery fabric with a floral
design which looks like it would have been the height of fashion for 1970s
couches and chairs.  I have a four metre length and a one metre length,
both the same, so I do not have to economize.

I have been brainstorming how to make the case and here are some thoughts
in scattered order:

   - two handles made of the same upholstery fabric or the
   extra-extra-thick ribbon that is like seat belt material;
   - handles to begin underneath the cradle;
   - a long zipper that goes up and across and down;
   - or possibly two zippers that both come up from the bottom, zip across,
   and meet in the top middle;
   - Velcro could be a disaster for the lace being made
   - lining (broadcloth in a coordinating colour) will be necessary to
   prevent excessive fraying of the cut ends
   - should it be made a bit large (to accommodate pins, divider pins and
   bobbins) or snug fitting?

Has anyone designed and made such a carrier?  I would be happy to learn
from your experiences.  Pictures would be great.

Next time I come to Ithaca I hope to stay longer and take a class.  We left
Ottawa Friday morning and it is about a 4-1/2 to 5 hour drive.  In the
afternoon we had a nice time walking the Commons and then dining at the
Moosewood Restaurant.  We headed back Saturday afternoon after the lecture
about OIDFA 2016; thanks Allie, very well done.

Ruth Johnson
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

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