Sue,Found them.  I scrolled through all the messages on the Lace Guild
Facebook page and came across one which had a + sign on a photo around that
date, then clicked to see more messages on the same subject and eventually
came up with Sue's photos. Lovely christening outfits. The shawl is gorgeous
and I notice the pink lace on the gown so I guess you had a baby girl in the
family, or are expecting one. I liked that you kept note of the long hours and
even the extra 10 minutes that it took you to complete the ensemble.
Beautiful. Janice Blair Murrieta, CA, 

Sue wrote: Back on August 4th, the Lace Guild invited winners to post their
own photo on
FaceBook, which I did, but it doesn't seem that anyone else did, so anyone
wanting to see my entry can look at that date on

 Janice Blair Murrieta, CA, 

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