Just to set the story straight, I actually have a Lacemakers' dog, a French
Bulldog. I was raised with dogs, and adore them, but this is my first French
Bulldog, and she's definitely the best breed I've ever had! I've even gotten
her certified as a therapy dog because she has such a wonderful personality
and demeanor. Here's her photo:

Frankie sits next to me every day while I make lace, sleeping peacefully and
not bothering me or my bobbins at all.  I believe that's what happened in the
19th century--either the lacemakers had them next to them on a wide chair or
at their feet in a small bed or soft rug--not in their laps. As far as their
hair goes, they barely shed at all, and their extremely short hair can easily
get tweezers out with fingernails if any were to get in my lace. My Frankie is
young, so she is intriguing by my small, colorful pin cushions, however, and
has gotten a hold of them and left a trail of pins in my living room twice

Two weekends ago was my group's Lace Day (Lost Art Lacers of Northern NJ). I
like Frankie so well that I wanted to "share" her with all of the lacemakers.
I asked if I could bring her to the second day, which was the class day, and
no one had a problem with it. She came for about two hours, and was a
perfectly behaved little lady. All of the group loved her and enjoyed meeting
an actual example of a historic Lacemakers' dog!

Beth Harpell, from New Jersey--where it's supposed to snow tonight (again)...

Charlotte wrote:
While watching the Westminster Dog Show they talked about a dog that was the
lacemakers dog. Please see:

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