Yes, Sue, sometimes an exchange item disappears into a black hole.  In the
early days, I coordinated many exchanges.  There were times when something
was mailed and never arrived.  As coordinator, I usually had an extra item or
two to fill in when one went missing.  Usually all were received safe and
sound.  These days, we don't have many mailed items that go astray.
We have also had items that seemed to be missing, and then turned up in a
neighbor's mail -- and the neighbor was very slow in passing it on.  Also,
air mail items have been put on ships so spent a month at sea before being

One thing I learned was not to put fancy stamps on letters or packages going
to South Africa or some eastern European countries.  People liked the stamps
so much that they stole the letters for the stamps.  On my things, I learned
to ask the post office to just print the postage amount with their dull,
uninteresting stamper.  When I did that, the items were received.  The
saddest story was the missing items tracked to the planes that crashed into
the twin towers in New York.  No one likes to think their hard work was
Well the time for mailing the motif exchanges is coming soon.  Mine's not
quite done so I need to get back to work on it.

Alice in Oregon -- where I'm recovering from 10 days of 9-14 hours a day at
county fair.  Big sigh of relief -- it's done for this year.  Now I just
have to survive the madhouse of the total eclipse over my area in 2 weeks. 
Wouldn't it be ironic if we had a storm that covered the whole area that day!

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