Hello All!  Another sample of Scottish lace is finished for our LOL lace 
exhibit next month.  This pattern was sent to me by Lorri Ferguson.  Thanks 
again Lorri!  Sheila Joss in NP told me that this is a companion pattern to 
Queen's Fan that was made for Queen Victoria.  Lady's Fan was for her 
lady-in-waiting.  Way cool.  Lorri kindly suggested Mako #28 cotton thread but 
I don't own it so I used Idrija #30, a similar thread per Brenda's book.  If 
anyone has a suggestion regarding swapping out threads, I would appreciate it.  
When I ran out, I tried to hide the newly joined thread in the half stitch 
ground triangles.  Now that it's off the pillow, I can see that it muddied the 
crispness of the ground so would like to find a better hiding place.  I was 
reluctant to swap threads in the cloth stitch fans because of the vertical 
center rib.  Several NP patterns that I've worked have vertical lines of pins 
in the center of a motif & there must be a learning curve on those, in orde!
 r to get it to lay flat.  Other than that, I'm pleased with my first effort.  
It's a sweet edging & I can see it on a hankie or personal garment.  Sincerely, 
Susan Hottle USA     

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