Devon very kindly sent a link to her home away from home--The Met!!?PerPage=20&offset=0&q=Lace&geolocation=Ripon&material=Bobbin%20lace

The photos are also posted in my album on Arachne Flickr.  There are some 
interesting features such as Copenhagen holes & something that reminds me of an 
upside down fir tree.  The experts will know what these things are.  I'm just 
amazed that the lozenges are treated sort of like a ground, with the other 
features emphasized.  Four-penny spot indeed!  

Perhaps if Agnes has a spare moment, she can tell us if her book has these 
patterns?  The book is not available thru IOLI library.  According to, there are copies at various libraries in Dublin, Edinburgh, 
Northallerton, Cambridge & Oxford.  Sincerely, Susan Hottle USA

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