I just saw the messages about not having received any since January 26. I sent
the message below on January 30 and wondered why no one had commented. I dug
through my Sent boxes and found I’d sent from the wrong email address, not
the one I joined Arachne with. Operator error.

Jean Reardon in western Pennsylvania where the sky is as white as the ground.

Begin forwarded message:

> From: Jean Reardon <jrdn0...@icloud.com>
> Date: January 30, 2018 at 12:16:34 PM EST
> To: lace@arachne.com
> Subject: Lace Magazine #169
> The January 2018 issue of Lace arrived in my mailbox today. It begins with
some unhappy news. Editor Deborah Robinson is resigning due to deteriorating
eyesight. A few pages later there’s news from the Chairman about the Guilds
financial decline and the need for new members.
> I live in Pennsylvania USA so the only membership benefit I get is the
magazine but it is well worth the fee and I am glad I joined.
> This issue includes an obituary for Santana Levy, along with a list of her
publications provided by Jeri Ames.
> A photo that caught my eye accompanies the announcement of Gil Dyes Early
Lace class at Hardwick Hall in June. The photo is of a frogging panel such as
those found on ornate uniforms. It looks like metallic thread worked in bobbin
lace over thin ribbon! I found that particularly interesting because I’ve
been watching the Victoria series 2 on PBS. The use of lace in the costumes is
just fantastic.
> Jean

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